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Flexible Drives
tube cleaning equipment

Metallic Flexible Drives

A full range of metallic covered flexible drives are available. Standard lengths are 23, 26 and 32 foot, but any length can be supplied up to 100 foot.

Plain End Handpieces (PEH)

Plain end handpiece
Size Handpiece Thread
10 x 19mm PEH 19 5/16" BSF
11 x 22mm PEH 22 3/8" WHIT
13 x 25mm PEH 25 3/8" WHIT
15 x 29mm PEH 29 3/8" WHIT
17.5 x 32mm PEH 32 1/2" WHIT
20 x 34mm PEH 34 1/2" WHIT
PEH handpieces are all fitted with a ball bearing thrust race and enable the strongest possible flexible shaft to be used for any tube size. Due to the handpiece being the same diameter as the outer casing they can be used in tubes with an inside diameter only 2 to 3mm larger than the flexible shaft outer casing diameter.
Short MF Handpieces (SMF)

Short MF handpiece
Size Handpiece Thread
13 x 25mm SMF 25 3/8" WHIT
15 x 29mm SMF 29 1/2" WHIT
17.5 x 32mm SMF 32 5/8" UNF
20 x 34mm SMF 34 5/8" UNF
This handpiece is more robust and fitted with sealed ball bearings. The SMF 25 handpiece is 29mm O/D and suitable for tubes over 32mm I/D. The SMF 29/34 handpieces are 39mm O/D and suitable for tubes over 42mm I/D.
Long MF Handpieces (LMF)

Long MF Handpiece
Size Handpiece Thread
15 x 29mm LMF 29 5/8"" UNF
17.5 x 32mm LMF 32 5/8" UNF
20 x 34mm LMF 34 5/8" UNF
This handpiece is suitable for very heavy duty applications and is fitted with sealed ball bearings. All handpiece bodies are 42mm O/D and suitable for tubes over 45mm I/D.

Alkathene - Water Flexible Drives

This type of flexible drive allows water to be transported internally to the cleaning head, where it cascades over the tool or brush keeping it cool during the cleaning operation, whilst flushing away the scale and deposits that have been removed.

Alkathene drives are lighter than metallic drives, and so are less tiring to use. The alkathene casing has the added advantage of being impervious to water and scales.

Available in two sizes using 10mm and 15mm inner core and alkathene outer casing, Water must always be flowing through the flexible drive when in use.

A vacuum cleaner can be incorporated with the flexible drive machine. As the cleaning heads pass through the tube, the deposits that have been removed are extracted. No harmful soot is released into the atmosphere for operators to breath and the surrounding area remains clean.

"Bespoke" Flexible Drives

We can adapt any of our standard flexible drives to your particular requirements. Please contact us with your requirements.

flexible drive toolheads

For information on prices and availability of any MultiFlex product, please contact one of our friendly sales team.

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